Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Computers: planned obsolescense, what can be done?

This morning, my wife showed me the Story of Stuff. The "Story of Stuff," with Annie Leonard, is a discussion of extraction, manufacturing, distribution, consumption, waste and more. This is an amazingly put together flash video (about 20m) and at one point it squarely points the finger at computers with "planned obsolescense" and "perceived obsolescense." Specifically, the inability to upgrade many (most?) computers that folks have these days. If the next new thing comes out (Vista, even OS X Leopard) - its time to buy a new computer and chuck everything you had before?! Is this necessary?! Sure, for some of us, we can upgrade certain things ... add memory, etc. But industrial design of computers isn't designed to be upgraded. And with the type of innovative, awesome designs we see from companies like Apple, you can't tell me this isn't possible.

So, go watch this, then comment below - what can be done to put computers, software, etc. into a sustainable, green chemistry cycle? What's being done already? Where should conscientious consumers be putting their $$?


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